The Sound of Photography is a radio programme hosted by Frank Watson on Resonance 104.4fm and is also available online at

You will find here an archive of the weekly programmes that revolve around a guest photographer, curator, writer and others associated with photography. There is also a mix of music associated with themes of each show. The show returns in Autumn 2023.

Frank Watson is also a practising photographer. For further information visit

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Arteh Odjidja

March 1st 20024

Frank Watson’s guest on the Sound of Photography is Arteh Odjidja. Arteh is an award winning portrait and fashion photographer. He has exhibited extensively in both the U.S. and the U.K. His projects include working with fashion designers Ozwald Boateng and Paul Smith. He has worked in Nigeria and Sierra Leone on social, political and environmental issues. In 2022 he published his book ‘Fear and Dreams’ that tells the stories through image and text of immigrants who have uprooted their lives and established new careers and identities with the cultural pressures that come with rebuilding themselves. Website:

Daniel Meadows

February 1st 2024

Frank Watson’s guest on the The Sound of Photography is Daniel Meadows. Daniel is a  photographer and documentarist. He is best known for his work ‘The Free Photographic Omnibus Project’ and the portraits taken whilst driving his bus around England in the 1970s. He has an extensive archive of documentary projects about ordinary people’s In 2019 The Bodleian Library acquired his entire archive. Daniel has also had a career in teaching photography and journalism. This included teaching a course on Digital Storytelling and Photography. The show will focus on Daniel’s many sound recordings made during his career.


Charlotte Schepke

January 22nd 2024

Frank Watson’s guest is Charlotte Schepke. Charlotte is the Director and Curator of The Large Glass Gallery in London. She will speak about her ideas behind the gallery and the shows she has curated. She will also talk about the photographic work of Guido Guide and Mark Ruwedel.

Tom Hunter

January 10th2024

Frank Watson’s guest is Tom Hunter. Tom is a London based photographer who has exhibited internationally and received many awards for his work. He will speak about his past and present projects in relation to the importance of community and in particular his attachment to Hackney,London.

Jelena Stojkovic

6thNovember 2023

 Frank Watson’s guest is Jelena Stojković. Jelena is an art historian and critic based in London. She is a Senior Lecturer in Critical Theory at the School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University and the author of The Impossible Avant-Garde: Surrealism and Photography in 1930s Japan (Routledge, 2020).   The show will look at the Daido Moriyama show at the Photographers Galley.

Jane Hilton

30th October 2024

Frank Watson’s guest for this show is Jane Hilton. She is a photographer and filmmaker whose work involves documenting American Culture, in particular the American West, which she has explored for the past twenty-five years. Her monographs include “Dead Eagle Trail”  (Pub, 2010) depicting the lifestyle of the twenty-first century cowboy; In 2013 she published “Precious” featuring intimate nude portraits of working girls in Nevada with their background stories.And Most recently “LA Gun Club” (self-published, 2016) exploring American Gun Culture with a collection of unique ‘shot up’ target posters.      Website: Jane


Noni Stacey

23October 2023

Frank Watson’s guest on this show is Dr Noni Stacey, a Dublin-based writer and researcher who will talk about her recent publications. She is currently a Practice Supervisor at Royal Academy of Art at The Hague and Visiting Research Fellow at  Technical University Dublin. Her publications include Leave to Remain published this year, a book about photography and Brexit and her first book Photography of Protest and Community, The Radical Collectives of the 1970’s   which was published  in 2019. Both are  published by Lund Humphries

Lucy Soutter

9th October 2023

This week’s guest is Lucy Soutter. She is a Reader in Photography at the University of Westminster. Her work focuses on questions of value and meaning in art and photography. She is the author of Why Art Photography? (Routledge, 2nd ed. 2018), co-editor of Writer Conversations (1000 Words, 2023) and writes for publications including Source, 1,000 Words and Photoworks. She is currently working with Duncan Wooldridge to edit The Routledge Companion to Global Photographies to be published in Spring 2024.


Mark Neville

20th October 2023

Frank Watson’s guest this week is Mark Neville, an internationally recognised photographer who has helped to redefine documentary practice. He works with and often lives with communities in a collaborative process, drawing communities together to bring about direct practical and political benefits to his subjects. He sums up his work as residing between art, activism and documentary. Since 2020 Mark has lived and worked in Ukraine and he is best known for his book  Stop Tanks with Books published in 2022. It ‘s this book and his Humanitarian work in Ukraine that will be discussed  via Zoom from his base in Ukraine.


Susan Bright

30th September 2023

Susan Bright is a curator. Her best-known exhibitions include ‘How We Are’ which was the first exhibition of British Photography shown at Tate in 2007. ‘Home Truths’ a collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery, The Foundling Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago in 2013, and a series of solo exhibitions for PhotoESPANA as Guest Curator in 2019. She will speak about her Book Feast For the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography. WEBSITE:

Gemunu De Silva

September 12th 2023

Gemunu is a filmmaker and an activist who has been investigating and documenting animal rights abuses since the eighties. He directed several documentaries for national television on animal issues in the early 1990’s before working for a couple of leading animal protection charities. In 2006, Gemunu co-founded Tracks Investigations. An ethical investigation agency undertaking projects for animal protection groups around the globe. To date, Tracks have completed over 285 investigative film projects for 40 animal groups in 58 countries. For the past three and half decades, Gemunu has been documenting the (often hidden) lives of animals we use for Food, Fashion, Entertainment & Research. His images have been a catalyst for social change and have changed laws, minds and improved the lives of millions of animals around the globe.

Richard West

13th March 2020

Frank Watson’s guest this week is Richard West. Richard is an editor of Source photographic magazine. He will talk about the history of the magazine as it celebrates its 100th issue. He will also discuss some of the quirkier ideas, stories and portfolios that have become part of the magazine’s editorial policy.
Website: .

Julio Etchart

6th March 2020

Frank Watson’s guest this week is Julio Etchart. Julio is an internationally recognised documentary photographer who has worked with UNICEF, War on Want and The British Council amongst others. His projects include working on the legacy of 500 years of colonialism in the Americas (The Forbidden Rainbow) and extensive work about the environment (The Four Elements).
He will be talking about his latest photographic project ‘Imagining Orwell’ that traces the time Orwell spent in Burma as an imperial police officer and his role as a volunteer soldier in theSpanish Civil War. Both experience leading to books (Burmese Days and Homage to Catalonia).

Vincent McEvoy

20th February 2020

Frank Watson’s guest this week on the Sound of Photography is Vincent McEvoy.
Vincent will talk about his time working as an Art Director in Advertising and the Record industry between the 1960’s and 1980’s as well as his experiences of working with photographers who supplied the commercial imagery of the time. He will also talk about his friendship with Andy Warhol.

Claire Strand

13th February 2020

Frank Watson’s guest this week on the Sound of Photography is Clare Strand. Clare is one of the nominee’s for this year’s Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize and will talk about her work ‘The Discrete Channel with Noise’ project showing at the Photographers’ Gallery. She will also talk about her interests in technology, machines and communication.

Max Leonard

6th February 2020

Frank Watson’s guest this week is Max Leonard ( – a writer concentrating on cycling and mountains, history and culture. Max talks about his latest photographic book, The Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive, the story of the oldest off-road cycling club and Bunker Research (the hidden history of Modernism in the French mountains). In 2016 he set up Isola Press (, in part as an outlet for a text-image project with photographer Camille McMillan. Isola Press makes ‘adventures in illustrated books’. The Press works with writers, photographers and archives.

George Selley

30th January 2020

This week’s  guest  on The Sound of Photography is George Selley. George will talk about his recently published book The Study of Assassination which deals with the CIA, Guatemala and Bananas.  The title of the book originates from released material by the CIA in 1997 that involved assisting mercenaries in overthrowing the elected government in the 1950’s. The book combines photomontage with pages of the original documents and archival press images of the time.

John Riddy

16th January 2020

Frank’s guest this week is John Riddy ( John talks about his recent publication, ‘Photographs’ published by Steidl. The book covers eleven projects and almost thirty years of work. The publication relates to a retrospective exhibition held at the De Pont Museum, Holland in 2019. He lives and works in London and has shown with The Frith Street Gallery since 1993. His work has been internationally exhibited including in this country, solo exhibitions at Camden Arts Centre and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Alan Ward

12th December 2019

Frank’s guest this week is Alan Ward – Manchester based artist, designer and collaborator. His exhibition and book titled Photographs from Another Place is the culmination of a long-term photographic research project based around a collection of re-discovered 1920s glass negatives purchased from eBay. The exhibition in on at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum (, Wirral until February 2020. Alan also runs Axis Graphic Design Ltd, ( known for its work in the arts and cultural sector.

Neil Drabble

5th December 2019

This week: Frank’s guest is Neil Drabble (, discussing his new publication Book of Roy, an in-depth photographic portrait of Roy Dow, an American adolescent, reflecting upon his rite of passage from the age of thirteen to twenty one. Neil specialises in editorial and portrait photography and has worked for major publications including American Vogue, Tatler and GQ. His work is part of numerous major museum and private collections. He is also the Media Lab Programme Director at Ravensbourne University.